after I buy season pass for dark souls 2 u guys will never see me again 

I was going  through amana in NG ++  two guys invaded me. I said not today assholes and smashed their heads with my dark crypt blacksword +5.

That felt so great!

 I don’t know if it was a glitch but it looked crazy.  I went to 1st aldia’s keep’s bonfire next to it is a mimic  well I went to hit it with greatsword and when it started walking  it launched me to air. I was flying  8O


Forest of fallen giants: “You died” So that is where the name comes from

Blue Catehdral: Let me guess after I’m half way done Smough will jump here

Tower of flame: Nobody told me about that edge

No man’s wharf : Look I’m Captain Jack

Lost Bastille: 3 :(

Sinner: I don’t have words

Huntsman copse: Poison, Poison , Skeleton wheels

Harvest Valley: Lost in pit of poison fog

Earthen Peak: Those mages are so hot that it isn’t funny anymore

Iron Keep : Why anyone didn’t tell me that Smelter is optional

Shaded Woods: Keep calm and get cursed

Doors of Pharros: I used to be adventurer like you but then I took an axe to my face

Brightstone cave : I didn’t see this in New Game

Gutter: Get lost 50 times, 75 times get killed, 100 times rage quit

Black gulch: Well good news  there is more giants

Dranglec  castle : I had enough 

Shrine of Amana: Why I’m still playing this

Undead crypt: Used hexes against Velstad

Aldia’s keep: One shotted by a dog

Dragon arie: That dragon was a boss two seconds ago

"Project Beast"

More Dark Souls 

We are fucked

Dark souls co-op

Dark souls co-op

Trying to do my fastest run in dark souls 2 

3 hours and I killed Velstad 



From I’m a Die Hard F1 Fan page on Facebook. Got me in stitches! :D


From I’m a Die Hard F1 Fan page on Facebook. Got me in stitches! :D

I have level 281 Darkwraith (kill every darkmoon blade members)

I have level 1 Darkwraith (kill every noob from undead parish)

I have level 100 Darkmoon blade (just for fun)

5 months before Dark Souls 2

I need some!

Get me some!

Get me some!!!

Prepare to wait 5 months 

Invader with infinite health




Just decided to swim in Ash lake “You died”


Anonymous asked: it's the level up button at the bonfire... because low level twinks are idiots and noobs

But I’m badass Darkwraith so I have almost finished the game with that charecter and now I kill every noob from Undead parish

What is best weapon for soul level 1 pyro darkwraith